03 Jul 2018

Withdrawal of Neighbourhood Policing from Garstang and Over Wyre

Sgt Greg Laidlow, Garstang NHP-R Team, has provided the following information to the Town Clerk.

There is set to be changes to the local policing model across Lancashire including locally.

I hope to be able to offer further insight into where we are at as a Force and locally and assure you I will keep you informed of any progression in relation to a final product as and when I myself become aware.

Inspector Jon Smith is our Place Based Inspector and I will take further advice from him on this issue as we move forward however at this stage I am aware that he and Chief Inspector Morley are set to meet with Wyre Borough Council and CSP leaders mid-July and I am sure information streams will fall out of this meeting.

I am more than happy to hold a meeting for all the Garstang and Over Wyre Parish/Town Councillors to attend in order to hear any further concerns, please let me know if this is something of interest to you/your respective councillors and I will arrange it?

The Town Clerk has notified the Sgt of the next Town Council meeting on Monday, 16 July and also the LALC Wyre Area Committee on Wednesday, 25 July.

The Town Council will be discussing the changes to Neighbourhood policing, at their meeting, on Monday 16 July 2018.




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