15 Jul 2018

The 1st Ice Cream Festival in Garstang

Today I was invited to Garstang’s 1st ever Ice Cream Festival. What an absolutely wonderful day, the people flocked into Garstang by the thousands, we had ice cream, bands, kite displays, made in Lancashire mini market,Garstang-on-sea, Ukulele groups, community groups, vehicle displays, fun zones, crazy golf, colouring competition display. Today was such a fantastic day, myself and children loved it. I even got to cut a huge Ice cream cake that Iced had made -wow what a cake, the town were all talking about it -delicious! I helped judge the colouring competition-such a tough decision and judge the best window display & judge the best bollard cover – the competition was immense, our community had worked so hard in creating such wonderful designs! What a great town we live in 🙂





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