08 Aug 2018

Changes to local policing – brief from Chief Inspector Morley, 6th August 2018

Overall changes for Lancashire Constabulary.

  • We have recently recruited an additional 50 Police Control Room Operators to ensure we can respond more effectively to calls for help from the public.
  • We will increase the number of officers on response to address concerns about the demand on this service and help to ensure we can get to the public when they need us the most. We will have an extra 45 Response officers along with 10 Response Sergeants and a Superintendent. This will give us more officers to deploy to incidents across the county and a greater consistency of approach.
  • We will have budgeted targeting teams in each BCU to replace the ad-hoc, and unbudgeted, function currently in place, which has resulted in abstractions elsewhere including neighbourhood and response. 6 sergeants and 44 constables will target prolific offenders and those responsible for the crimes that cause our communities the most concern.
  • We will increase the number of detectives working on serious crime across the force by 15, as its recognised that abstractions for major incidents has caused a real strain on numbers elsewhere, impacting on other investigative work.
  • We will create dedicated exploitation teams in each BCU, to ensure we have the resources we need to meet the new and complex demands we now face. We will also increase the numbers of Detective Sergeants overseeing the work we do with some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, including children and young people.

We are confident that these moves will help to ensure we can better meet the public’s expectations and meet the increasingly complex demands we are facing. This will mean no change to our Police Community Support Officers.

The local impact on the Wyre area is as follows:

  • The Neighbourhood policing officers currently based at Garstang do not work nights and mainly finish at 2200 hours during the week and 0000 hours at weekend. They will be aligned to Lancaster Immediate Response teams but working from Garstang on a 24 hour rota.
  • Garstang is currently covered on nights by Lancaster Immediate Response officers and the new model will mean there will be officers aligned to the area and booking on duty at Garstang. As a result, I would expect response times in the area to improve.
  • ARLS (which is a resource location system using satellite data) will be utilised to see who is the closest patrol to incidents so calls to the Over Wyre area will be allocated to the nearest patrol which could be from Fleetwood or the Garstang area.
  • Fleetwood currently has 5 Sgts and 15 PCs per team. This will be increasing to 10 Sgts and 17 PCs per team. This is an additional 5 Sgts and 10 PCs working from Fleetwood but covering the Wyre area (not just Fleetwood).
  • There will be a new Target Team forming of 2 Sgts and 14 PCs. This is a divisional resource (not just for Wyre). This team will be utilised to address the risk and threats in the division which will include responding to crime spikes.




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