01 Nov 2018

Former community centre – update from Wyre Council

The Town Council has received the following update from Wyre Council

The proposed purchaser of the former Council Offices at Garstang have signed a licence agreement to continue their site investigations from today until 20th December 2018. Part of their proposed investigations will involve over the next few weeks the drilling of deeper boreholes up to 20 metres to ascertain the ground conditions around the site. The drill will be a mobile tripod style drilling derrek . They currently plan three boreholes but may need more. Mitigating any disturbance to the car park operation and avoiding where possible busy days e.g. market days forms part of the licence agreement with Keyworker Homes.

Therefore please advise all interested parties that there will be survey activities in the next few weeks at and around the former Garstang Council Offices .  Exact dates for the proposed works have not be supplied as the works are planned for the near future depending on individual contractors availability and the weather.




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