16 Mar 2016

Action Garstang – Community Centre survey results

An estimated total of 2500 survey leaflets were distributed to homes in Garstang by Action Garstang volunteers, and copies were made available at Market Place News for completion.
An alternative online option to complete the survey was offered via the Garstang under Threat website.
The survey was publicised via social media, the GUT website and the Green Focus magazine, ensuring that the highest number of residents possible were made aware of it.
There were 379 responses to the survey, with the deadline being extended to 12 noon on Monday 14th March 2016 for paper copies and 5.00 pm the same day for the online option.
The broad findings of the survey were that there is 94.2% support among the respondents for retaining the community centre.
90.8% said that they would support Garstang Town Council in their proposed bid for the community centre and car park.
14.2% were willing to make a donation towards the purchase of the community centre, with 3.2% willing to donate to the purchase of the car park. 62% were prepared to donate towards the purchase of both assets.

Amounts that respondents would be prepared to donate are as follows:
47 would donate £10 or under
183 would donate between £10 and £100
51 would donate between £100 and £500
20 would donate between £500 and £1000
4 would donate over £1000

Taking the top figure from each option, which would not necessarily be the amount actually donated, the total would be estimated at £51,800 (see below)
47 at £10: £470
183 at £100: £1830
51 at £500: £25,500
20 at £1000: £20,000
4 at £1000 plus: £4000
TOTAL: £51,800

There was an almost even split between respondents as to whether they would give some time to help run the community centre, with 49.3% saying yes and 50.7% saying no.
Of those who said they would be prepared to give time, 26.4% were prepared to give between 1 and 2 hours a week, 18.5% would give between 3 and 5 hours a week, and 4.2% would give more than 5 hours a week.
A copy of the survey report can be downloaded from www.garstangunderthreat.org

source: Action Garstang facebook page




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