30 Jan 2017

Help make your community Winter Wise…. Brrrring it on!

United Utilities are publicising their Winter Wise campaign, which aims to prevent any winter woes by helping householders in your community avoid the misery of a burst or frozen water pipe.

Although not responsible for domestic water pipes, United Utilities is keen to encourage communities to work together to avoid any problems this winter by making them aware of some simple steps which will make for a carefree winter.

Top of the tips list and one key preparation that many of us forget, is to make sure our pipes are protected by being lagged. Fixing damage caused by household pipes that have frozen and burst can run into hundreds of pounds as well as being really stressful.

Further advice about how to be Winter Wise can be found at http://www.unitedutilities.com/getwinterwise.aspx including videos of how to find your stop tap and deal with frozen pipes.

Also, for the first time, United Utilities will be running the Bring Warmth Awards, where five communities have the chance to win £500 to put towards community outreach projects. Prizes will be awarded to those going above and beyond to spread a little warmth this winter by helping fellow residents feel warm, well and welcome.

The competition is open to any group, from a street to a residents’ association or a school. To find out more or to apply, visit www.unitedutilities.com/bringwarmthaward. I have also attached the award summary document for more information.




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