04 Apr 2017

Notice of casual vacancy in the office of Town Councillor

A vacancy has arisen on the Town Council due to the resignation of Cllr Lynn Harter.

The process to fill the vacancy is as follows:

Stage 1

The Clerk notifies the Returning Officer at Wyre Council. The Town Council are required to give public notice of the vacancy and display a copy of a notice (prepared by Wyre Council) to the electorate. This notice runs for 14 days from the date the notice is displayed. In order for an election to be held to fill the vacancy, a request in writing must be made to the Chief Executive of Wyre Council within 14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays) of the date of the notice. Such a request must be signed by ten local government electors for the township. The notice is to be displayed on the Town Council’s noticeboard and website. Click here to see the notice. The cost of an election is borne by the Town Council.

Stage 2

If an election is not called the Town Council is notified by the District Council to fill the position by co-option as soon as is practicable. Or, if vacancies remain following a recent election the following procedure applies. The Town Council will post a notice on the notice board at the Town Hall and on the website and other publication schemes to advertise the casual vacancy for a Town Councillor. This will include a closing date for applications to be received by the Clerk. When applications have been received the Town Council will consider the application letter(s). If the TC has more than 1 candidate, the members would have to consider and vote for each applicant. If only 1 candidate applies, the Council must still consider whether or not to co-opt that person.

Full details can be found on the following link




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