15 May 2017

Wyre Council – Local Plan Timetable Update

As you are aware the Council is preparing a new Wyre Local Plan for the period 2011 to 2031. Here is the latest update on the Local Plan progress.

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The LDS was amended on the 28 April 2017. It was necessary to revise the timetable and work programme in order to make sure the evidence base is complete at the time when the Council considers the ‘Publication’ draft Local Plan for public consultation and submission which will now be in September 2017.  A six week public consultation on the ‘Publication’ draft Local Plan will commence shortly after the Council meeting in September 2017.  Comments received at this stage must relate to the soundness of the Plan and will be submitted to the Inspector together with the Local Plan and all supporting evidence.

Guidance in relation to the ‘soundness’ test is set out in para 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework which can be accessed using the link below.


The full timetable is available on the Council’s website and in the revised LDS which is available using the link below.


Local Plan Evidence

 The Council has continued to work on the evidence which is informing the Local Plan. The evidence is being made available on the Council’s website as it is being completed. Please make sure you keep reviewing the evidence base website (link below) as some documents are long and may take time to review.





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