09 Aug 2017

Awards Ceremony for Hanging Baskets/Troughs etc.

Having been involved in the judging in July it was now time to celebrate the wonderful entries and have the privilege of presenting the awards at a ceremony held at the Royal Oak.

What a incredibly difficult job the judging was. It is one thing walking down the high street and noticing the amazing displays that are such a credit to our Town. But when you actually stop, look and judge you realise just how much work, time and thought has gone into them.

I just really loved the abundance of colour and those displays  that are so striking and really get noticed and there were so many of them. But I have to say in the end for me it was the ones that had given so much thought to the colour co-ordination of the planting with the contents of the shop/business window that gave me the biggest reason to sit back and contemplate.

So congratulations to the award winners BUT really congratulations to everyone who took part and a big thank you from me and the Town Council.




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