17 Sep 2017

Kepple Lane Park Funday

What a great day absolutely delighted to open this event.

We had intended to open at 11.00 go home for a while at lunchtime and come back for closing BUT we stayed all day. By the time we visited all the stalls and attractions, chatted to everyone, got our raffle tickets, had a go at archery and handed out flyers for the Town Council vacancy it was lunchtime and the scouts burgers called.

So we sat down in a deck chair listened to the music and by then my grandchildren turned up – so it was archery, donkey rides, ice creams then time for the ukulele band.

So one more circuit round, more chatting and more flyers. then of course we heard the “rock” band so back to the deck chairs carrying our coffee. They played amongst other tracks somebody to love a Jefferson Airplane song and the girl vocal was excellent – I was hooked.

They finished thir set I drew the raffle and we got home after 5.00 tired by what a great day out – and it didn’t rain.





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