28 Jun 2019

Fraud And Scams News

Good Morning

With the rise of fraud and scams dramatically rising all the time, Lancashire Police are looking at ways of keeping members of the public informed about the latest trends and alerts.

We want to educate people about ways that fraudsters operate and the types of scams to look out, so that you don’t lose your hard earned money and become a victim of fraud

In light of this, we have set up a Twitter account relating to Fraud and Cyber Crime. Every morning during the working week, we will make you aware via Twitter of the latest scams and things to look out for.

Please take our advice on board, you will most definitely learn something which will help you in protecting yourselves and your family from crime.

If you have a Twitter account, why not give us a follow? If you don’t, don’t worry! You can simply refer back to this message and click on the link below to see what’s happening, as and when it suits you best





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