22 Aug 2019

Scam Phone Call Alert

We are, once again, getting reports from across the county of scammers calling people by phone and pretending to be from the Tax Office (HMRC) or even the police. These calls are sometimes made in person and sometimes an automated message. Both will claim you owe money due to non-payment of taxes or there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. They all end up with people being asked to pay cash to stop further action being taken.

The different thing about some of these recent calls is the scammers appear to have been able to clone genuine numbers, so, if you call 1471, the call seems to have come from a legitimate source. However, whatever the number, our advice is clear – no government organisation or police force will ever call you saying there is warrant for your arrest and you have to pay money over the phone. If anyone does, it’s a scam! If you are ever unsure, put the phone down, make sure the line has fully cleared and then call the genuine organisation back and check.

If you want to report any scam call you can contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or go online at the website.

We’ve had reports from across the county recently including Blackpool, Blackburn and Appley Bridge in West Lancs.  If you know anyone older or vulnerable, make sure they know to never give personal details over the phone, including bank details, and never to be persuaded to make payments of this nature. Thanks for your help!

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