12 Jun 2020

Garstang Town Council business mailing list

The Town Council has collated a new Garstang Town Council Business Mailing List, which is now live.

In order for us to effectively distribute vital information to over 200 businesses in our town, we need to ensure that uptake of this new mailing list is high and so ask that you share the link below as widely as possible.

To register, businesses just need to click this link: https://airtable.com/shrBWMItmrgn0PGqw and complete the form.

The mailing list has been publicised via Social Media today and we have an interview slot on Radio Lancashire at 07.10 on Monday 15/6, to publicise the Market Town Working Group and what’s happening in Garstang

If you could all please pass this onto as many businesses as possible by sharing to groups, pages and individuals for them to register that would be much appreciated.

Ideally we need to have the vast majority of businesses registered in the next few days to convey accurate information quickly.




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