24 Jun 2020

24/6/2020 Information for Garstang Businesses from the Market Town working group

What is Garstang Market Town Working Group?

Garstang Town Council has joined forces with local businesses and groups to form the ‘Market Town Working Group’. As we begin to relax the lockdown, the group is working to put in place all the necessary safety measures to ensure Garstang is ready to welcome visitors back. We have a wide range of independent retailers as well as local and national chains, all of them are making substantial changes to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.


What has Garstang Market Town Working Group achieved so far?

  • Last week we launched Garstang Town Councils Business Mailing List to keep businesses up to date with the latest advice and actions.
  • We promoted the Town Centre re-opening on BBC Lancashire Breakfast show on Monday 15th June and have been asked to keep the show updated with what we are achieving.
  • We have managed to secure funding from Wyre Councils allocated £99,180 for bespoke Safety Measures, promotional campaigns and signage for Garstang and we are also looking at the availability of match funding from local sources.
  • We are working with the Wyre Council Economic Development Team on the necessary safety measures within the town including appropriate and unique signage which matches the heritage of Garstang as well as extensive publicity campaigns and business guidance.
  • We’re working with Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council to assess the possibility of a road closure on Thursdays for the Market whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain in place; which will still allow access for residents, deliveries and emergency vehicles. Garstang Town Trust Representatives have been visiting High Street businesses to consult with as many businesses as possible and will continue to do so.
  • We’ve held a site visit with Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council to look at a range of issues with shop queues and potential pinch points within the town to ensure maximum safety. This has resulted in the erection of temporary barriers on Church Street for queues into Nationwide Bank which should hopefully alleviate any disruption, provide greater flexibility and ease movement for pedestrians.

What are the plans of the Garstang Market Town Working Group moving forward?

  • The initial priority for the Working Group is the establishment of necessary safety measures, signage and publicity campaigns. We anticipate that further consultation with businesses will take place.
  • We’ll be working with Wyre Council to help deliver Heath Checks with businesses and provide you with further key guidance.
  • In the medium and longer term, we’ll be looking at ways to promote Garstang to visitors and the establishment of a medium to long-term strategy for Garstang.

Information from Wyre Council

  • Wyre Council Officers from the Economic Development department will be undertaking shop counts in early July. During the July Shop Counts in each Town Centre, there will be the additional offer of receiving a Business Health check to aid Businesses recovery and to signpost to assistance offered across Lancashire for specific needs.  Each business will have the opportunity to participate and we look forward to hearing your feedback for the immediate support businesses require as well as support to aid long term visions and strategy of each business.
  • Lancaster University is running a Covid- 19 Response Programme to support the Recovery and Resilience of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. As part of this programme they have launched the following which may be of interest to you:
    • A fully-funded 5-week Covid-19 Response Programme aimed at supporting leaders with business recovery and planning for the long term future (further information can be found here).
    • Lancaster University is working with entrepreneurs to develop business diaries though the Covid-19. They are looking for more businesses to get involved so they can learn more about decision making (further information can be found here).
    • A webinar series with Professor Florian Bauer looking at issues facing companies around corporate strategy (further information can be found here).

Here are some documents from Wyre Council including:

As further guidance is released, we will share this with you as we receive it.

If you have any comments, issues or ideas you wish to raise with the Working Group rather than replying to this email please click this link and enter them here: https://airtable.com/shrviWxyp38jYwfAz

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